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Day: <span>May 14, 2024</span>

Trump-owned Boeing jet collides with parked plane at Florida airport

After making a safe landing and taxiing, a Boeing jet owned by former US President Donald Trump collided with a parked plane at a Florida airport early Sunday morning (May 1), Reuters reported citing sources.

The incident took place at West Palm Beach International Airport, located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Donald Trump’s residence Mar-a-Lago is also located in Palm Beach. 

As per reports, Trump’s Boeing 757, with the tail number N757AF, made contact with a parked VistaJet aircraft. No injuries were reported in connection to the incident.

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Amazing plane landing in Australia drops jaws

A malfunctioning in a Beach B-200 Super King plane was reported at Newcastle Airport in Australia’s New South Wales, which compelled the pilot to land the aircraft without landing gear, a video on social media…

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Passengers Indulge In Fist-Fight Inside Flying Plane ‘Over AC’

In the viral video, one of the passengers adjusted the air conditioner. While another person sitting next to him initially watched as the older man raised his arm towards the AC, he clearly did not like the move. The man then stepped into the situation and readjusted the cooling system, leading to a tense situation. The older man suddenly clapped on the other passenger’s hand during the time., World News – Times Now

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