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Day: <span>May 2, 2024</span>

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NTSB: Burning engine, ‘fire on board,’ preceded fatal plane crash near Fairbanks

A burning engine and a reported fire on board a Douglas C-54 aircraft that crashed last month near Fairbanks preceded the crash that claimed two lives, according to investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board.

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Plane makes emergency landing on Long Island beach: Watch

Watch the moment a single-engine plane makes an emergency landing on a Long Island beach. The Cessna 152 aircraft was forced to land on Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai at around 7:30pm on Wednesday 1 May after the pilot reported an engine failure. In a video shared on social media, the plane is seen moving across the sand and coming to an abrupt stop, before nearly flipping over. The 60-year-old pilot and his 59-year-old passenger escaped uninjured, according to local reports. They had reported an engine failure just before landing on the Suffolk County beach.

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