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Day: <span>April 18, 2024</span>

After the Accident: VFR Departure

The Bonanza pilot didn’t follow the published traffic pattern, placing the aircraft close to rising terrain on downwind. He was too fast on final approach, and he went around on the first attempt. A police officer arrived to check on the airplane, as the pilot had reported to ATC that he was low on fuel. Still, he was safely on the ground.

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Deep sea footage shows inside sunken passenger plane mistaken for missing MH370

This deep-sea footage shows inside a sunken passenger plane, once thought to be the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The wreckage of the MH370, which disappeared without trace while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014, has still never been found. The wreckage filmed by Deep Blue Dive Center, is actually the Lockheed Martin’s L1011 Tristar plane, which was deliberately sunk in 2019 in Jordan. It serves as a home for sea life, but a viral social media post wrongly speculated it was the MH370, which disappeared in 2014.

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Just plane fun

My wife and I are scheduled for an Alaskan cruise in the fall. By all accounts, it’s something to which we should look forward. I’ve been told the same thing about other trips, including a Vegas…

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