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Day: <span>April 3, 2024</span>

Boeing 737 output slumps amid quality checks

STORY: Boeing faces a battle to produce its 737 MAX jets amid quality checks and scrutiny by watchdogs. Industry sources say output has plunged following the midair blowout on one of the planes in January. The incident sparked fresh concern over how well Boeing’s best-selling jet is made. The Federal Aviation Administration has imposed a cap on production as a result. Boeing can only produce 38 per month while it takes steps to address quality issues. However, output appears to be fluctuating well below that level. The sources say it sank to single digits in March. That’s a big problem for the plane maker, which only gets paid when jets are delivered. It’s also a headache for the thousands of firms which supply it, including engine maker CFM, as it too only gets paid when finished planes are handed over to airlines. Meanwhile, Boeing’s arch-rival Airbus continues to churn out aircraft, cementing its market lead. Sources say it’s seeing monthly output of around 50 A320neo-family jets, which compete directly with the MAX. However, the European firm faces snags of its own, including a shortage of seats. That has delayed the delivery of some of its planes.

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Remember the MiG-28 in Top Gun? It Was Really the F-5 Fighter Plane

The iconic 1986 film Top Gun not only boosted Tom Cruise’s career but also revitalized the image of the U.S. military, especially the Navy. Its primary antagonist, the fictional Soviet MiG-28,Read More

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