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Day: <span>February 4, 2024</span>

Watch | Explorers Claim They May Have Found Aviation Pioneer Amelia Earhart’s Plane – News18

The disappearance and death of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart who made history as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932 remains one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. Earhart is remembered for her commitment to breaking gender barriers in aviation which continues to inspire generations but her fans still lament that the mystery behind her disappearance remains unsolved.

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WATCH: Passenger Plane With 185 People Onboard Veers Off Runway in Lithuania And Then Carries on Taxiing to the Gate Like Nothing Happened

A passenger plane operating a charter flight from Milan Bergamo Airport to Vilnius in Lithuania skidded off the runway after landing on Saturday afternoon, veered through a muddy field, before turning back onto the runway and then taxied to the terminal as if nothing had happened. The Avion Express-operated Airbus A320 aircraft had 179 passengers…

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