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Newlywed British husband ruins honeymoon to Santorini: Vapes on plane and tells captain to ‘f*** off’ – Greek City Times

A British man wreaked havoc on a flight after he got drunk and didn’t stop smoking, ruining his honeymoon in Santorini with his wife A reckless husband ruined a honeymoon to Santorini 2023 after he drunkenly refused to stop vaping on the plane and caused a disturbance on the flight. Christopher Thomson was supposed to

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Explorer may have found wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s plane in Pacific

Earhart, an American aviator, became the first woman and second person ever to fly solo and nonstop across the Atlantic in 1932, five years after Charles Lindbergh accomplished the feat. Along with navigator Fred Noonan, she was attempting to fly around the world when their plane went missing over the Pacific. If she succeeded, she would have become the first female pilot to do so.

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