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Day: <span>December 1, 2023</span>

Removal of downed Navy plane could begin Saturday morning

Weather permitting, the Navy hopes Saturday morning to begin removing a downed P-8A Poseidon plane from Kaneohe Bay using “roller bags” to lift it above water and then mechanically roll it backward onto the lone runway at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

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Watch: Videos you may have missed this week

From a 12-year-old leading police on a chase with a forklift to a couple who discovered World War II bombs in the backyard of their vacation home, here are the videos you may have missed this week.

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Shane MacGowan Leaves the Astral Plane

For decades, he flung himself around as though he were made of rubber. He was beloved and admired for his songwriting, his rotten teeth, and his tendency toward insubordination.

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This Incredible Plane: T-38 Talon

The T-38 has managed to be forgiving enough to allow aspiring young U.S. Air Force pilots, with a little more than 100 hours flight time in their logbooks, to solo in it in just 10 to 12 hours.

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Delta Air Lines Expected To Order New Planes By End Of Year – View from the Wing

A year ago I wrote that, while it wasn’t public at the time, Delta was looking to buy Airbus A350 widebody aircraft. It seemed like a deal could be announced soon, but crickets. Then in late spring major media picked up on the story that Delta was looking to buy both Airbus A350-1000s and Airbus A330neos. Now that order appears out to happen – this month.

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