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Day: <span>November 22, 2023</span>


Sarah Morris-Probert, a former Paralympian, opted to pull herself onto her WestJet flight leaving Cabo for B.C. after the airline provided her being carried onto the plane as her means of access, which she deemed unsafe. The airline says Morris-Probert refused assistance; she says she requested the nearby ramp to be used as an alternative and it was not.

She joins Vassy Kapelos to walk through the experience and discuss how accessibility measures for air travel could be improved.

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Passengers Panic As Abuja-Bound Dana Plane Develops Fault Before Take-off | Sahara Reporters

There was panic on Wednesday when a Dana flight taking off from Lagos to Abuja aborted take-off following a faulty engine, leaving many passengers stranded. Passengers aboard the flight said they heard a loud explosion when the aircraft was about to take off, prompting the Pilot-in-Command to abort take-off. Many of the passengers are said to be stranded at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2).Read More

Small plane crash in Texas

In Plano Texas a small plane crashed and burned on Tuesday at the doorstep of a strip mall in Texas, killing the pilot and causing a nearby car to catch fi…

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