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Day: <span>November 20, 2023</span>

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Wreckage found of missing plane crash in Melbourne

The wreckage of a plane involved in a mid-air collision near Melbourne has been found.

Two ex-military jets were performing manoeuvres in the air when they collided, just after 1:30pm on Sunday.

A large part of the body of the plane has now been located in the waters off Mount Martha in the Mornington Peninsula.

Police are now working to remove the plane’s fuselage from the water before it is searched.

Authorities are still trying to recover the bodies of pilot Stephen Gale and cameraman James Rose

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Madrid’s Quality Fly Soars with New Tecnams

Quality Fly has expanded with additional Tecnam P2008 single-engine and P2006 multiengine piston aircraft to highlight its remarkable 37 percent fleet growth in 2023. The Madrid-based flight school continues to redefine airline pilot training with advanced technology and a commitment to sustainability.

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