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Day: <span>November 17, 2023</span>

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Drunk engineer who forced plane to be halted at Dublin Airport spared jail

A DRUNK engineer, who forced a plane to be halted on the runway at Dublin Airport because he refused to sit down during the pre-flight safety instructions, has been spared jail. Ahmet Semizer, 36, a Turkish national of Hillcrest Close, Lucan, Dublin, pleaded guilty to Air Navigation and Transport Act offences for engaging in behaviour that could en…Read More

B.C. plane wreck ‘verified’ by RCMP is revealed to be fake crash site for training | CityNews Toronto

Plane wreckage that made headlines this week when officials announced a hunter had stumbled on what police thought was a decades-old crash site in the B.C. Interior was actually placed there deliberately for training purposes. A notice posted Tuesday on the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System says the RCMP inspected the site north of […]

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Rescuers reflect on U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crash – KFSK

A U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter crashed on the night of November 13th on a remote island northwest of Petersburg. There were four crew members aboard, and all survived — though two were seriously injured. They’d flown out to the island to render aid to a crabbing boat that was taking on water. But as KFSK’s Shelby Herbert reports, the people they came to rescue became their rescuers instead.

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