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Day: <span>November 11, 2023</span>

Plane Hits Car After Overrun – AVweb

There were no injuries when a Lancair IV-P Jetprop overran the runway at Aero Country Airport in McKinney, Texas on Saturday and collided with a car on a road adjacent to the airport. Jack Schneider, who was at the airport picking up an aircraft to trailer home, got his cell phone recording just in time […]

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Plane Takes Off, Reaches Almost 15,000 Feet With Windows Missing

The flight crew of an Airbus A321 was forced to return to London Stansted Airport after taking off when it was discovered that the airliner was missing two windows. The flight was being operated by charter carrier Titan Airways and headed across the Atlantic to Orlando, Florida. Britain’s Air Accidents Investigations Branch noted that the aircraft was under floodlights for nearly […]

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