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Day: <span>November 10, 2023</span>

Pilot Who Tried To Crash Alaska Airlines Plane Dishes On Mushroom-Fueled Episode – View from the Wing

He’d gotten together with friends to celebrate his friend who had died, and he mixed mushrooms and alcohol – and days later thought he was dreaming and couldn’t wake up. All he was trying to do was wake up and that’s why he tried to kill the engines, and also tried to open the plane’s emergency exit once taken to the back. He even says that the grabbed a coffee pot from the galley and drank it straight to wake himself up. While being held by police at the airport he took off all of his clothes, he urinated on himself, and he tried cuffing the carrot… all to ‘wake up.’ When he was given a phone to call an attorney, he instead rang his wife and sang It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men.

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Defence committee calls for open competition on military plane bid

MONTREAL — A parliamentary committee is demanding that Ottawa ensure an open bidding process for new military surveillance planes, rather than a sole-source contract. Echoing calls from the premiers of Ontario and Quebec, the House of Commons defence committee passed a motion Thursday that asks the federal government to put out a request for proposals before it chooses a replacement for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s CP-140 Aurora — maritime patrol planes set to retire in 2030 after a half-centu

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Snakes on a Plane? How about snakes on a pie?

In Hong Kong, Pizza Hut teamed up with one of the city’s oldest restaurants to offer a snake soup pizza. Some believe snake meat warms up the body so this is a seasonal item.Read More

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