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Day: <span>October 6, 2023</span>

Putin Suggests New Narrative for Prigozhin Plane Crash: Cocaine and Grenades

President Vladimir Putin of Russia claimed Thursday that warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin and his associates may have brought down their private jet with hand grenades while possibly under the influence of cocaine — a new narrative from the Kremlin about the August plane crash widely seen as an assassination carried out by the Russian government. Putin made the assertion at the end of an hourslong, televised question-and-answer session with international foreign policy experts in the Russian Black Sea

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How aeroplanes fly

The names aeroplane, plane, airplane and aircraft are one and same, normally referred to as fixed-wing.

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Air Antilles Twin Otter collides with parked helicopter during …

Air Antilles believes no injuries have resulted from a collision between a Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter and a parked helicopter as the turboprop landed at Saint Barthelemy. Video images from an online live web camera captured the helicopter landing at the airport around 11:13 on 24 August. Its occupants …

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