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Day: <span>September 30, 2023</span>

Pull a Plane 316 | October 7

B-29 and the WSU Tech Foundation are partnering to bring you Wichita’s third annual Pull a Plane for Education event on October 7! The unique fundraising event features the ultimate tug-of-war competition – men and women against

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Celebrity’s Inflight Diarrhea So Bad People Thought Plane Had A Fuel Leak – View from the Wing

A week and a half ago, a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Barcelona had to turn around after a passenger let loose diarrhea all the way through the aircraft. Margaret Cho shares that something like this actually happened to her on a plane, and it was so bad that passengers thought there was something wrong with the aircraft such as a fuel leak.

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Pelosi to accompany Feinstein’s body home to California

/quality/90/?url=https://static.politico.com/6a/c9/e5f0cfbf48d69e2ebf0f3403fff6/election-2024-senate-california-52038.jpg” title=”Pelosi to accompany Feinstein’s body home to California” />

A U.S. military plane will take Feinstein back to San Francisco Saturday.

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In the news

Marcialito Biol Benitez says he’s guilty of fraud charges tied to what prosecutors in California called a large-scale sham marriage agency that helped an estimated 600 clients skirt immigration laws over an almost six-year period, charging each up to $35,000 to submit false paperwork and staging fake weddings at chapels and parks.

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