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Day: <span>September 29, 2023</span>

And You Thought You Were Mad With Delta Air Lines: Traveler Wears Complaint T-Shirt While Flying With The Airline

If you thought you were mad with Delta Air Lines over its operational performance and especially recently announced changes to its SkyMiles program, you likely have nothing on one guy who created his own complaint t-shirt detailing every gripe he has with the Atlanta-based airline. The t-shirt details ‘reasons why not to fly Delta Air…

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Bids For ISS Demolition Rights Are Now Open, NASA Declares – Slashdot

Jude Karabus writes via The Register: NASA has confirmed it will ask American companies to duke it out for the opportunity to deorbit the International Space Station — quietly releasing a request for proposals last week. The specs, which appeared on U.S. government e-procurement portal SAM.gov, ar…

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