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Day: <span>September 27, 2023</span>

Picture This: Plane as Day

A crop duster plane from Air Tractor works fields in Barlow Township near Ohio 339 Wednesday morning before rains hit the area. The Washington County Sheriff’s Department reported the Heritage Co Op advised they were in the Washington County area Tuesday, Sept. 26 and Wednesday, Sept. 27, flying cover crops. Due to the plane flying […]

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Ryanair expects delivery disruptions from Boeing to linger through mid-2024 – Bloomberg News

Boeing advised the Irish low-cost carrier at a meeting this week that it will only be able to deliver 14 of the 27 aircraft due by late December, according to the report, which cited an interview with the company’s CEO. The setback is the result of quality lapses at Spirit AeroSystems, which builds the jet’s frame, Bloomberg News said. Boeing aims to push back some of the handovers into the peak summer period next year, while Ryanair wants the planes sooner, the report said.

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After 7 years, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission successfully returns asteroid sample : Short Wave

In 2016, NASA launched a spacecraft to do something rarely attempted before: Collect space rocks from a potentially dangerous asteroid. The mission, named OSIRIS-REx, was successful. Tuesday, scientists opened a sealed canister containing the samples from the asteroid Bennu. Science correspondent Nell Greenfieledboyce talks to host Regina G. Barber about the mission’s close calls and what NASA might learn from these space rocks that are older than our planet. Listen to Short Wave on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.Have a space mystery? Send us your questions to shortwave@npr.org.

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Plane crash leaves two injured

Two people sustained minor injuries when a small, privately-owned plane crashed Saturday afternoon near the Hibanks community, reportedly after experiencing engine trouble.

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