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Day: <span>September 26, 2023</span>

How Much Every American Plane in WWII Cost To Build

The second world war played a huge part in the industrial revolution within the United States as the country fully mobilized its industrial resources to out-produce its enemies. These machines of war came in the form of tanks, aircraft, and maritime vessels, and each contributed greatly to the war effort. The industrial capability was so […]

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Justin Trudueaus Plane Had Cocaine Claims Former Indian Diplomat Deepak Vohra | India-Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has returned to Canada from India, and his return has been eventful. During the G20 summit, he faced criticism and challenges from various world leaders, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Joe Biden, and Rishi Sunak. These interactions at the G20 summit appeared to be contentious and confrontational. Watch video on Zee News

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