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Day: <span>September 23, 2023</span>

An-32 Aircraft: Golden Opportunity To Realize ‘Make In India’ Dream When Replacing Soviet-Era Transport Plane

The induction of the C295 into the Indian Air Force brings into focus another workhorse transport plane of the IAF, the Ukrainian Antonov An-32. India has the option of fully localizing its manufacturing with spare parts and engines for its advanced An-132 variant when the need arises to replace it.  The C295, on the contrary, […]

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In the air with Ilan

As sophomore Ilan Garcia boarded the plane back home from Australia, he would not have guessed he would be leaving knowing exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Growing up, he had always been interested in planes, but never considered a career in aviation until he entered the cockpit of a plane and…

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ECAM Incubator Title ‘¿Es Usted Secuestrable?’ Plumbs Highjacking

As one of five intriguing titles selected by the Madrid Film School’s ECAM Incubator, now on its sixth year, Charli Bujosa Cortés’ feature debut “¿Es usted secuestrable?” (“Are You Kidnappable?”) offers a hybrid of sorts. He describes it as non-binary, just like him. Developed at Eurodoc, Mallorca Talents Lab and the Mentoring Project of L’Alternativa Desarrolla among others, the film turns …

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