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Day: <span>September 16, 2023</span>

The 30 Planes That Started the US Air Force

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, are renowned as the pioneers of aviation, having successfully achieved the first powered, controlled, and sustained flight in 1903. This marked the birth of aviation, laying the foundation for the development of military aircraft in the early 20th century.  The United States was one of the first nations to […]

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Dozens of first responders practice for plane-crash scenario in Ogdensburg

Sep. 14—OGDENSBURG — More than a dozen police, fire and rescue agencies practiced for the worst at Ogdensburg International Airport with a simulated jet crash exercise late Wednesday night. Using an actual Contour Air jet as a sort of crash prop, the scenario was: The plane filled to capacity had landing-gear issues, belly landed on the runway, resulting in numerous injuries and causing a fuel …

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A plane crash in Alaska is raising questions about aviation safety in the state

The husband of a congresswoman from Alaska died in a plane crash this week — one of numerous aviation crashes that have given the state the highest rate of plane crashes in the nation.Read More

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