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Day: <span>September 14, 2023</span>

Chartered plane ‘skids off’ runway in Mumbai

A chartered plane, carrying six passengers and two crew members, skidded off the runway at Mumbai Airport on Thursday due to heavy rainAll six passengers and two crew members were reportedly hurt in the incident that led to flight delays

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Missing pilot found dead in plane crash – Leader Publications

DOWAGIAC — A missing man who was last seen last week piloting a plane has been found dead, according to Civil Air Patrol. Richard Martin, 82, was found dead along with his crashed plane Thursday afternoon. The crashed plane was located by Michigan State Police helicopters approximately two miles north of Dowagiac. At approximately 8:13 […]

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Why do world leaders’ planes keep breaking down?

Whether it’s a lack of spending, international sanctions or the use of planes that aren’t on the commercial market, countries’ official aircraft are surprisingly prone to mishaps. Aviation experts explain why to Arpan Rai

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