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Day: <span>September 9, 2023</span>

Biden to pay tribute to McCain in Hanoi to boost unifier image

Joe Biden will visit the memorial marking where McCain’s plane was shot down in October 1967 – Copyright AFP Nhac NGUYENAurélia ENDUS President Joe Biden will use a visit to Hanoi to boost his image as a unifier by saluting the memory of John McCain — Vietnam War hero, Republican stalwart, and serial antagonist of […]

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‘Saviour of Ladakh’, my grandfather

I never saw my grandfather. My father barely saw him as well. He passed away when my father was two years old — one stormy, cloudy day in 1957, thousands of miles from our ancestral village in Lahaul (Himachal Pradesh), in a far-off land of erstwhile French Indo-China (Laos) on his call of dut

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Tempers flared among travellers on board a Scoot plane which landed in Shenzhen, with five female passengers caught in a scuffle on camera. A video shared by TikTok user Yyhiakhiakhiak on Friday (Sept 8) showed the catfight occurring along the plane aisle during disembarkation. The women were seen tussling with each other in the beginning of the clip, with one…

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