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Day: <span>September 4, 2023</span>

Driver survives 100-foot plunge off cliff, 5 days trapped in truck

A driver who plunged off a 100-foot cliff in a remote area of Southern California and spent five days “immobilized” in their wrecked pickup truck, was rescued this weekend by firefighters who formed a human pulley system to pluck the victim from the ravine, authorities said. The rescue unfolded about 10:58 a.m. local time on Saturday in the Tehachapi Mountains of Kern County when a 911 caller reported seeing a vehicle at the bottom of a steep ravine on a zig-zagging two-lane road between the towns of Arvin and Stallion Springs, according to a Kern County Fire Department incident report. When firefighters got to the secluded scene, they found a badly damaged pickup truck and one occupant at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff, according to the report.

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Russia-Ukraine live updates: Zelenskyy asks parliament to replace defense minister – WEIS | Local & Area News, Sports, & Weather

(NEW YORK) –Russia has continued a nearly 19-month-long invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Recently, though, the Ukrainians have gone on a counteroffensive, fighting to reclaim occupied territory. Here’s how the news is developing. All times Eastern: Sep 03, 5:22 PM EDT Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expects to replace defense minister Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked

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