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Day: <span>July 15, 2023</span>

Colombia Plane Crash Children

The Colombian Family Welfare Institute Director General Astrid Caceres gives a press conference in Bogota, Colombia, Friday, July 14, 2023. Caceres said the four Indigenous children who survived a plane

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Broken bones, blood gushing from skull: Passengers severely injured after flight gets caught in turbulence

A US carrier, which belonged to Allegiant Airlines, was hit by horrifying turbulence which led to “broken bones” and severe injuries to its passengers and crew while it was flying from North Carolina to Florida, according to a report published by the Independent.
Many people compared the the flight to flying scene in the movie ‘The Matrix’. The plane had 179 passengers and six crew members onboard, out of which four people suffered injuries.

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Where is The Safest Place to Sit On a Plane?

Air travel remains the safest form of long-distance transportation. Even as the number of flights worldwide continues to increase year after year, the number of fatal accidents continues to drop. But even despite the highly-safe nature of air travel, one may still wonder: where is the safest place to sit onboard an aircraft?

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