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Day: <span>June 20, 2023</span>

British Airways passengers stuck on plane

Airplane passengers were stuck on the tarmac at Orlando International Airport for several hours because of severe weather. Greater Orlando International Airport Authority officials say 39 flights were diverted into MCO on Monday due to severe weather.

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Canada air force helicopter crashes into river, rescuers search for two missing

A Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter crashed into the Ottawa River early on Monday and two of the four people on board have been recovered and are in hospital, officials said. The crash of the CH147 Chinook helicopter happened near a military base in Petawawa, northwest of the capital Ottawa in Ontario, just after midnight, the air force said. “Search efforts are underway for two members of the Royal Canadian Air Force, who are missing after their helicopter crashed into the Ottawa River,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter.

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Pilot dies in Jordan helicopter crash

A Jordanian pilot, on Tuesday, died of wounds sustained in a helicopter crash a day earlier, the Army said in a statement, Anadolu Agency reports. A Cobra military-type helicopter crashed in Baqa?…

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