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Day: <span>June 16, 2023</span>

Avoiding disaster by mandating AI testing

Bad weather rarely causes a plane to crash — but the low probability of such a crash isn’t because nature lacks the power to send a plane woefully off course. In fact, as recently as 2009, a thunderstorm caused a crash resulting in 228 deaths. Instead, two main factors explain why bad weather no longer poses an imminent

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Losing hope of finding kids in plane crash, Indigenous searchers turned to a ritual: ayahuasca

Indigenous men who were among search teams hoping to find four children aboard a plane that crashed in the Amazon jungle say one of their most sacred rituals played a role in rescue efforts. While in the jungle, some of the men drank yagé. It’s a bitter tea made of native plants. It’s more widely known as ayahuasca and is hallucinogenic. They believed visions from the drink could help lead them to the children. Manuel Ranoque is father of the two younger children. He tried it first, but told the group it didn’t work, as he had no visions of the kids. Later, an elder drank the tea. He said he saw the kids in his dreams. That day, rescuers found all four children. Ranoque credits the ritual with helping in the rescue.

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Successful test flight for Canada’s first type-certified e-plane

University of Waterloo’s Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics, in partnership with the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, are testing the Velis Electro with the eventual goal of making short-distance flights like commuter treks.

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