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Day: <span>June 14, 2023</span>

Tense moments before take-off

RECENTLY, a Delhi-Mumbai Vistara flight was delayed for over two hours due to a ‘bomb’ scare. A passenger, during a telephonic conversation with his mother, used the word ‘bomb’ in some context. The passenger sitting next to him overheard it and alerted the crew. The crew inf

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At least 1 person dead after small plane crashes in southern Wisconsin, police say

Authorities say at least one person has died after a small plane crashed shortly after takeoff in southern Wisconsin. Watertown Police Chief Robert Kaminski says the crash Wednesday morning was fatal, but he hasn’t said how many people died. He says more information will be released later. The plane had taken off from Watertown Municipal Airport, about 4 miles from the crash site. It crashed at Brandt Quirk Park in Watertown, a city in Dodge and Jefferson counties about 48 miles northwest of Milwaukee. The National Transportation Safety Board says it’s investigating the crash of a Mooney M20R aircraft near Watertown.

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New airline planes will be required to have secondary barriers to the cockpit to protect pilots

U.S. officials said Wednesday they will require new airline planes to have a second barrier to make it harder for passengers to break into the cockpit when the main door is open. The Federal Aviation Administration rule will apply to commercial planes made after mid-2025. The rule will affect airlines that operate scheduled flights, but not charter operators.

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