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Day: <span>June 7, 2023</span>

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Replacement plane for diverted Air India flight leaves Russia for San Francisco with all aboard | KRDO

By ASHOK SHARMA Associated Press NEW DELHI (AP) — A replacement plane for an Air India flight diverted to Russia because of an engine problem has left for San Francisco, carrying all passengers and crew. The original Boeing 777, which left New Delhi carrying 216 passengers and 16 crew members, landed at Magadan airport in

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Watching Other People’s Movies on Planes Is One of Life’s Simple Pleasures – Thrillist Australia

@maddy_macrae_/TikTok @maddy_macrae_/TikTok Most forms of voyeurism are listed in John Douglas’ famous behavioral profiling books as an activity serial killers partake in leading up to their more violent crimes. And if it’s not listed in a John Douglas book, it’s still probably heavily frowned upon. But there is one form of voyeurism that’s actually harmless and…

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Plane crash preliminary report Indicates a mechanical Issue with Johnny Morgan’s plane – The Oxford Eagle

WINSLOW, AK –  The National Transportation Safety Board released the preliminary report on a plane crash that killed local Oxford business man Johnny Morgan, a former State Senator in Mississippi. The crash occurred on May 17  in Arkansas after the pilot had been in contact with Fort Smith Air Traffic Control. According to the preliminary […]

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