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Day: <span>May 28, 2023</span>

IAF aircraft crash lands in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district

IAF aircraft crash lands in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district: An Apache AH-64 helicopter of the IAF made an emergency landing in the ravine of the Sindh river near Jakhnauli village in  Bhind ( Madhya Pradesh) on Monday during routine operational training, news agency ANI reported. All crew and the aircraft are safe. The rectification party has reached the site, news agency ANI added. 

(More details awaited.)

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[Photo News] Police requests arrest warrant for passenger who opened emergency exit door before landing

Police filed an arrest warrant request for a male passenger in his 30s who opened the emergency exit door on a plane before landing on Sunday. The man is accused of opening an emergency exit door on an Asiana Airlines flight from Jeju Island to Daegu on Friday. He has been detained by police. He told officials he wanted to get off the plane quickly because he felt suffocated. On Sunday, Asiana Airlines decided it wil…

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