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Day: <span>May 22, 2023</span>

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Colombia Plane Crash


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Rumor: Frank Vogel on a Plane to Philly

Frank Vogel is on a short list to become the next Sixers coach, according to Woj, and there’s a rumor coming from Barstool’s Rone that Vogel took a plane to Philly on Monday: Lil insider scoop: Frank Vogel is on a flight to Philly rn. I wonder what he could be doing there… — rone’s […]

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Belarusian dissident who was pulled off forced-down plane says he has been pardoned

The Belarusian state news agency on Monday reported that a dissident journalist who was pulled off a flight that was forced to land in the country and was later sentenced to eight years in prison says he has received a presidential pardon. The protests, which lasted for months, were the longest and largest demonstration of opposition to Lukashenko since he took power in 1994. Belarusian authorities responded to the demonstrations with a brutal crackdown that saw more than 35,000 people arrested, thousands beaten by police and dozens of media outlets and nongovernmental organizations shut.

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