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Day: <span>May 2, 2023</span>

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Woman testifies at rape trial that Donald Trump molested her on a plane in 1970s | CBC News

Jessica Leeds joined other witnesses who supported the testimony of E. Jean Carroll, a longtime advice columnist who publicly aired her claims that Trump raped her in 1996 when she published her memoir in 2019. Trump has repeatedly denied the claims, saying Carroll lied to sell books and disparage him.

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Everything About GTA 5 Stunt Plane

Ready to soar through the skies in GTA 5? The stunt plane is the perfect vehicle for jaw-dropping aerial stunts. Learn all about it here, including how to acquire, use, and upgrade this exciting aircraft. Get ready to perform mind-blowing aerial tricks and maneuvers with the GTA 5 stunt plane! #GTA5 #stuntplane #aerialstunts #gaming #ElitásTravel

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