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Day: <span>April 1, 2023</span>

Highs & lows

Bengaluru-headquartered Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has, over time, emerged as India’s largest defence public sector undertaking and a harbinger of the country’s military aviation ambitions. As it positions itself as a global player, the crashes and emergency landing of aircraft

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These Are The Most-Produced Aircraft by Any Nation During WW2

When Gen. Dwight Eisenhower surveyed the beaches of Normandy months after the D-Day Invasion, which secured an Allied foothold in continental Europe, he stated: “Without air supremacy, I wouldn’t be here.” Invaluable for reconnaissance, cargo transport, tactical and strategic bombing, and aerial combat itself, superior air power proved a decisive advantage in the Second World […]

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Who was Da Vinci, the important Ukrainian commander killed in March?

On March 27th, an Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Dhruv MK-III helicopter met with an accident during a training sortie in Kochi, Kerala. The helicopter was undergoing in-flight checks when it had to make a forced landing due to control issues, leaving three personnel injured but with non-serious injuries. As per ICG officials, the chopper was around 25 feet high when the cyclic controls, which control the longitudinal and lateral movement of aircraft,…

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