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Day: <span>March 17, 2023</span>

Russia warned about sending planes to Ukraine

Moscow, Mar 17 (Prensa Latina) Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov labeled the shipment of Mig-29 aircraft as the need for Slovakia and Poland to get rid of unnecessary equipment, it was reported today.

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Fatal plane crash investigation continues

The investigation into a fatal plane crash north of Nakina continues as families and friends of the two pilots killed prepare to mourn their loved ones. A spokesperson for the Transportation Safety Board investigators is still trying to piece together what caused a Cessna 208b to crash while it was travelling from Nakina to Ebametoong First Nation late last month. The plane, owned by Wilderness North Air departed on February 28th and was reported as missing later that day. An extensive air and ground search was launched in hopes of rescuing the pilots, 26-year-old Steven Maxwell and 23-year-old Mitchell Frost. Sadly those hopes were dashed on March 4th when the aircraft was located south of Chaucer Lake completely destroyed both pilots had received fatal injuries, the TSB has launched what it refers to as a class three investigation, which remains ongoing. googletag.cmd.push(function() { if($(document).width()

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Mid-Flight Attack on Boston-Based Plane Raises Questions About Security, Mental Health

A Massachusetts man accused of attacking a flight attendant and attempting to open the plane’s emergency door on a cross-country flight has directed attention to passengers with mental health illnesses. One passenger who sat near Francisco Torres on the flight from Los Angeles to Boston says he didn’t exhibit any unusual behavior until he launched his attack. Most experts say there isn’t a whole lot that airlines can or should be doing. They note that most people with mental illnesses are not violent, and barring them can pose a host of logistical and constitutional challenges.

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