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Day: <span>March 3, 2023</span>

Here is World’s Largest hydrogen-powered plane’s first flight aerial view shot on camera | TOI Original – Times of India Videos

A 40-passenger regional jet driven in part by a hydrogen fuel cell has successfully completed its first test, according to the Californian company Universal Hydrogen, setting a new record for the biggest hydrogen-fueled aircraft ever flown.The company has an ATR 72 aircraft, dubbed Lightning McClean, that has undergone a specific conversion in which one of its turboprop engines has been replaced with a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. In 2020, Universal Hydrogen was established with the goal of creating fuel cell systems that could be installed into current aircraft.The 40-seat ATR 72, which outperformed the 19-seat Dornier 228 that the British company ZeroAvia successfully flew using a comparable FCEV system in January, is now the largest aircraft to be flown utilising hydrogen power. The 15-minute test flight of Lightning McClean was conducted at Grand County International Airport in Washington State. The trip, which lasted 15 minutes and rose to a height of 3500 feet MSL, was conducted with special approval from US flying regulators (Mean Sea Level).

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Expansion Debate: Tweed’s Current Runway Impacts How Many Passengers Avelo Plane Can Carry

Tweed-New Haven Airport released its environmental assessment draft this week, as it looks to expand its operations. The proposed changes include lengthening the runway, building a new terminal and airport entrance. The draft says extending the runway and relocating the terminal would reduce overall noise and the changes would not significantly impact traffic in the area. In a press release,…

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Passenger Loses His Cool When He’s Unable To Sit Next To His Wife On The Plane ‘It’s Her Birthday!’ – View from the Wing

A Melbourne-based couple traveling on Virgin Australia couldn’t get seats next to each other in business class when they booked. Virgin’s Boeing 737 premium cabin has just two rows up front. So they took a window seat and an aisle seat on the other side of the aircraft, and tried to switch with another passenger when they boarded.

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