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Day: <span>February 4, 2023</span>


NEW YORK — It was supposed to be a dream holiday for Mr Kingsley Burnett, who has been looking forward to a cruise holiday departing from Sydney, Australia. However, the New Yorker got the shock of his life when he saw snow-capped mountains instead of sunny beaches. “I saw a mountain top covered in white snow… At that point, I…

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IAF hunts for new transport plane

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has initiated the process of acquiring a Medium Transport Aircraft (MTA), which will be a replacement for the Soviet-origin AN-32 fleet, procured in the mid-1980s

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Cold Weather Causing Delays Fueling Planes at Bradley Airport

The record-breaking cold temperatures are causing delays fueling planes at Bradley International Airport on Saturday. The fueling contractor for the airlines is experiencing issues with some of their equipment, which is causing the delays, according to an airport spokesperson. They are working to fix the problem as soon as possible. It’s unclear how many flights are being impacted. Highs are…

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