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Day: <span>January 14, 2023</span>

From ‘Plane’ to ‘Missing,’ When Did Movie Titles Get So Blunt?

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Courtesy of the StudiosOne of my favorite comedies has a title that always makes me laugh: Airplane! Everything about this title makes me cackle, from the exclamation point to its overall bluntness. Though Airplane! is meant to parody the names of movies like Zero Hour!, I have never gotten over how masterfully this title cuts to the chase—it’s Airplane!, a movie about an airplane. Duh.Movie titles these days have mostly dropped the satire, but

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Airlines back more spending, staff to fix failed FAA system

Airline executives bristled last year when government officials, led by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, blamed the carriers for causing thousands of flight cancellations and mistreating their customers. The shoe is on the other foot now after a technology outage at the Federal Aviation Administration grounded planes for a time earlier this week, but airline leaders are taking a different tack. Instead they’re calling on Congress and the Biden administration to give the FAA more staff and more money to upgrade its systems.

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