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Day: <span>January 12, 2023</span>

Review: Gerard Butler keeps ‘Plane’ grounded

After “Airplane!” “Airport,” “Up in the Air,” “Flight,” “Snakes on a Plane,” “Non-Stop” and “The Terminal,” we have finally arrived, like weary passengers reaching an unexotic destination, at “Plane.”

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Sunken secret brought to the surface

A single-engine Cessna made an emergency landing in Lake Mead on Oct. 1. Despite receding waters, the lake held onto that secret until the feds called in a small Las Vegas company with big expertise.

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Man arrested after allegedly getting into plane’s cockpit at Atlanta airport – ABC17NEWS

By Chelsea Beimfohr Click here for updates on this story     ATLANTA, Georgia (WANF) — Newly released body camera footage shows Atlanta Police arresting Terence Stewart at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Jan. 6. According to an Atlanta Police report, a Delta airlines employee called 911 after watching Stewart drive away in a company vehicle. The report

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