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Day: <span>January 4, 2023</span>

Final Trailer: Butler, Colter In “Plane” – Dark Horizons

Lionsgate has premiered a final official trailer for the action thriller “Plane” which sees action film thriller regular Gerard Butler teaming up with “Luke Cage,” “The Good Wife” and “Evil” alum Mike Colter. “Den of Thieves” and “Olympus Has Fallen” star Butler plays pilot Brodie Torrance who saves his passengers from a lightning strike by […]

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DRC uncovers ‘plot to shoot down’ Tshisekedi’s plane

The government of Felix Tshisekedi says it has dismantled a Rwandan spy cell in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which was intent on assassinating the Congolese leader by targeting his plane.A Congolese government report on Tuesday claimed that the plot to shoot down Tshisekedi’s plane from the

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