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Month: <span>January 2023</span>

Dominican teens found dead in plane landing gear

Kivens Yaisen, 15, and Fernando González, 14, both from the Dominican Republic, left their homes on December 31. They were discovered inside an Avianca airliner’s landing gear on January 7 at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia. On January 5, their families reported them missing to the National Police, and on January 13 the authorities informed their families that they were discovered dead on the aircraft. Fernando González was the child of Gabriela González, Jean Philippe Lois, a Haitian citizen, and Kivens Yaisen, a Dominican and the son of José Yaisen José and Nadege Antoine, a Haitian citizen, who would turn 15 on February 10. A birth certificate proving his birth in Batey Los Tocones in San Rafael del Yuma was kept by Yaisen in his pocket. It […]

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Charm of transport plane Y20 – China Military

It has been 10 years since the maiden flight of Y20 in January 26, 2013. During the decade, Y20 has accomplished many important tasks, playing an important role in enhancing China’s military deployment capacity.

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Another simulation video falsely claimed as footage from the deadly Nepal Plane Crash! – Factcrescendo Sri Lanka – English

It’s been two weeks since the deadly Pokhara plane crash. This was one of the biggest tragedies in Nepal’s aviation history in recent times and left no survivors. As this accident grabbed the entire world’s attention, some social media users wrongly seized the opportunity and created false and misleading content implying it to be the […]

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