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Day: <span>December 30, 2022</span>

Putin ‘gifts’ upgraded Tu-22M3 bombers to Russian Air Warriors | Details

Russian Aerospace Forces long-range aviation received another Tu-22M3 missile carrier bomber. The plane underwent the necessary performance upgrades. Following a demonstration flight, the plane was handed over to the operating organization. Maintenance of long-range aviation planes is one of the most important operation areas for Tupolev, where a large amount of work is carried out.

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Bucs’ Gabbert, brothers rescue people in Tampa chopper crash

Buccaneers backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert became an unexpected hero Thursday when a helicopter crashed into Hillsborough Bay in Tampa. “I just remember looking to the west and seeing it almost looked like a crew boat in the water that had broken up in about four pieces and I vaguely remember seeing like two yellow life jackets so I was like all right we gotta go check this out,” Gabbert said Friday at a news conference, local authorities standing behind him like proud parents. The brothers arrived at the crash to find a sinking helicopter and multiple people in need of saving.

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Car drives off I-84 exit ramp, through woods and crashes onto parked car in Middlebury

A woman was injured after losing control of her vehicle on Interstate 84 in Middlebury on Thursday, crashing through the wood and onto a parked car, according to the Connecticut State Police. A 34-year-old Seymour woman was traveling in the left lane of I-84 East near the gore area of Exit 17 before 11:45 a.m. on Thursday when she veered into the right lane and struck the Exit 17 sign. She …

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SweetwaterNOW News Show: Plane Nearly Slides off Runway at RKS?

LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE SWEETWATERNOW NEWS SHOWApple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Anchor Podcasts Here’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode ? ?? Plane nearly slides off runway at RKS? One killed in head-on collision? RSPD warns of increase in new form of fentanyl?? YAH announces new executive director?? Other upcoming

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Korean Air Has Repainted a Crashed Airplane to Camouflage Which Airline Owns the Stricken Aircraft

Korean Air has had an aircraft that crashed at Cebu Airport in the Philippines in October repainted in an apparent attempt to disguise that the Seoul-based carrier owns the stricken and badly damaged aircraft. The 24-year-old aircraft crashed during a failed landing attempt on October 23 in stormy conditions that left the Airbus A330 that tore…

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