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Day: <span>December 18, 2022</span>

Air India denies Bengaluru family permission to board plane with ‘Fit to Fly’ pet dog

A Bengaluru man’s eagerly anticipated vacation with his family and pet dog was ruined after the airline prohibited the dog from boarding the aircraft. In a video that has now gone viral, Sachin Shenoy can be seen saying that the airlines did not allow his pet dog inside the plane despite it having a boarding pass. The family was flying from Bengaluru to Delhi and Amritsar via an Air India flight on December 17, Saturday. “We booked these tickets three months ago and have been in constant touch with the Air India authorities regarding the process for travelling with our pet.

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Fly Frontier to hell | CALDARA

It doesn’t matter what airline I use I always have the happy privilege of getting the middle seat between two guys trying out for the “Weight Watchers Before Photo Contest”

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