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Day: <span>December 4, 2022</span>

Viral video: People duck as plane passes overhead to land at world’s 3rd most dangerous airport

A Swiss-built single-engine plane made such a close approach during its descent that people found themselves ducking to avoid getting their heads stuck in the landing gear. An undated viral video shows how a PC-12 passed just overhead of the bystanders before landing at the Saint Barthélemy Airport on the Caribbean island of the same name. Officially known as the Gustaf III Airport, it was ranked the third most dangerous airport by the History Channel documentary Most Extreme Airports.

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Family books entire plane for wedding | News Room Odisha

New Delhi: Destination weddings are increasingly becoming a trend in India. In one such instance, an entire airplane was reserved by a family to travel to the wedding venue since they didn’t want to miss seeing family and friends. A video showing this has gone viral on social media platforms. Shreya Shah, a digital artist, […]

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