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Day: <span>November 25, 2022</span>

Air Astana Out Of Control (KC1833 in 2018)

On the 11th of November 2018, an Air Astana aircraft departed from Alverca airbase in Portugal as Air Astana flight KC1833, after undergoing heavy maintenance. The aircraft was an Embraer E190-100L…

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Footage Shows Passenger Plane Stuck Under a Bridge. Again.

Turns out those max headroom signs aren’t just for show. An Air India plane that was being transported to a new owner got stuck under a bridge near the New Delhi airport. What’s more: it was the second time a plane has gotten stuck this way in the capital city in recent years. The Airbus A320 had been taken out of service in 2017 and was being stored at the airport. It had recently been purchased by Pista House, a local company that wanted to open an aviation-themed restaurant. But picking up th

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I’m trying to understand eletrical dynamics in pcb boards.
In a mix of power and ground planes, the return currents always flow in the closest plane and have to go through many bypass…

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Report released on fatal plane crash with wanted criminals on-board

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has released its final report on a strange plane crash that killed two wanted criminals and two pilots earlier this year near Sioux Lookout. On May 1, the Sioux Lookout OPP reported that four people had lost their lives after an airplane crashed between Ignace and Sioux Lookout between April 29 and 30. Investigations revealed that the plane was headed for Marathon after leaving the Dryden Regional Airport. On May 3, after the release of the victims’ identities, Q104, KenoraOnline and DrydenNow broke the story that one of the men – Gene Karl Lahrkamp of Kincardine, ON – was wanted for murder by police in British Columbia. Lahrkamp was one of two men wanted in connection with the shooting death of 32-year-old Jimi Sandhu in Rawai, Phucket in February, 2022. A $100,000 reward was issued for the arrest of the former Canadian Armed Forces Member just four days before the crash. googletag.cmd.push(function() { if($(document).width()

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Would You Fly on a Plane with Just One Pilot? Airlines and Regulators Are Pushing to Have … – Latest Tweet by Bloomberg | LatestLY

The latest Tweet by Bloomberg states, ‘Would you fly on a plane with just one pilot? Airlines and regulators are pushing to have just a single pilot in passenger jets instead of two …’ Would You Fly on a Plane with Just One Pilot?

Airlines and Regulators Are Pushing to Have … – Latest Tweet by Bloomberg.

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First RwandAir cargo plane arrives

National carrier RwandAir has received its first cargo, a 787-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF), Yvonne Makolo, the airline’s CEO confirmed to The New Times.

“Today, we…

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