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Day: <span>November 20, 2022</span>

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2 dead in Winston-Salem plane crash: WSPD

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Two people died in a plane crash in Winston-Salem on Saturday, according to the Winston-Salem Police Department. The plane was a “twin-engine Piper PA-30,” according to…

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Plane registered to Lake and Pen Air crashes, burns in Washington State after wings fall off during test flight – Must Read Alaska

A plane registered to Lake and Pen Airlines in Anchorage that was testing out a new cargo modification crashed and burned in Snohomish County, Washington on Friday morning. A wing appeared to have come off the plane and landed at a distance from the main fiery crash. The plane crash killed two four people onboard. […]

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Wreckage of Steve Fossett’s plane

In this handout from Mono County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue in Mammoth Lakes, California, the wreckage of Steve Fossett’s plane is seen October 1, 2008, in Inyo National Forest, in

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