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Day: <span>November 4, 2022</span>

Tennessee Doctor Killed in Kentucky Plane Crash

HARLAN, Ky. (AP) — A Tennessee doctor who would fly to see patients in Kentucky was identified as the only person killed in a plane crash. David Sanford, 55, of Knoxville, Tennessee, routinely flew to Harlan and Middlesboro to see patients, Harlan County Coroner Philip Bianchi told the Lexington …

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Ford F-150 Lightning powers the first-ever EV recharged electric plane flight

Remy Oktay, a student at Lafayette College, is planning the first electric plane flyover at a sporting event at the Lafayette-Lehigh football game on November 19, 2022. The electric plane is based in Hartford, Connecticut, and needs to get to Easton, Pennsylvania. However, the issue is the EV plane will need to be recharged three […]

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Before NH Crash ‘Destroyed’ Plane, Witnesses Heard Strange Sounds: NTSB Report

The engine of the small plane that crashed into a residential building in Keene, New Hampshire, last month was making abnormal sounds during its takeoff and short flight, witnesses told federal investigators. The crash killed the two men on board, Lawrence Marchiony of Massachusetts and Marvin David Dezendorf of Vermont, on the night of Oct. 21. The plane, a Beech…

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Connecticut’s 10 worst air disasters

WATERFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — While plane crashes are extremely rare — and deaths in one even more so — air disasters have taken hundreds of lives in Connecticut. The state’s de…

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