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Day: <span>October 10, 2022</span>

Ministers used gov’t plane much more often despite sustainability goals

Ministers of the Rutte IV Cabinet used the government plane much more often in the first eight months of this year than in previous years. The plane also regularly flew through European airspace without passengers, RTL Nieuws reports. And that while discouraging shorter flights to reduce CO2 emissions is a spearhead in the Rutte IV coalition agreement.

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Small plane crashes on the Sacandaga Sunday

NORTHAMPTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A small, single-engine plane crashed on the Great Sacandaga Lake Sunday near the Northampton Beach Campground. According to New York State Police, three people we…

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I reclined my plane seat and refused to move

Flying long-haul with a baby or toddler is akin to being stuck inside a giant tin can with an unpredictable hyena. Not caged, of course.

One minute they can be racing up and down the aisle, the next they’re making loud and hideous sounds, preventing everyone around you from getting any sort of rest.

Compassion is required from pretty much everyone in this scenario – both the parents of the child and those around them.

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