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Day: <span>September 19, 2022</span>

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Palm Springs Air Museum official discusses witnessing deadly plane crash at Reno Air Races – KESQ

Palm Springs Air Museum officials are speaking out after witnessing a plane crash during an air race in Reno, Nevada on Sunday. Aaron Hogue, 61, was killed during the air race. Investigators are looking into the cause of that deadly plane crash. “It just literally flew into the ground,” said Fred Bell, managing director of the Air

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WATCH: Plane lands on Alabama highway

(This article originally reported the location as Phenix City — the plane landed in Smiths Station.) UPDATE 9/19/2022 6:40 p.m.: According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the right westbound…

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Worst Disasters in Space Flight History

From the extreme temperatures to the lack of oxygen, gravity, and pressure, outer space is incredibly hostile to human life. It takes years of preparation and safety tests to get humans into space, and every step of the way is another chance for fatal errors to occur. Although hundreds of people have successfully visited outer […]

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