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Day: <span>September 3, 2022</span>

US: Pilot lands after threatening to crash plane into a Walmart store; arrested under terror charges

A pilot who threatened to crash into a Walmart in Tupelo, Mississippi, on Saturday morning, then flew erratically for several hours, was taken into custody after landing in a field, officials said. The plane landed in Benton County, about 50 miles northwest of Tupelo, and the pilot was taken into custody without injury, said Connie Strickland, a dispatcher for the Benton County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi. At a news conference, John Quaka, the chief of the Tupelo Police Department, identified the pilot as Cory Patterson, who was charged with grand larceny and making terroristic threats.

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Alert ! 29 year old man stole the Beech C90A from Tupelo Regional Airport and is threatening to crash into a Walmart !

Developing News !  A pilot has threatened to intentionally crash this plane into a local Walmart in Tupelo , Mississippi !    Currently we have a 29yr old who stole this plane & is threatening to crash it into something. Polices ,ambulances ,& fire trucks are everywhere. Everything is shutdown rn pic.twitter.com/AzebdIa3tP — City King (@CityKing_Gank_) September 3, 2022   The Beech C90A is still airborne North of Tupelo at now 1,000ft. We don’t know the fuel level it is carrying but the aircraft has a max range of 830 nm.     The man , who is threatening to crash the aircraft in Tupelo has been identified as an airport employee.   Authorities have evacuated the area and dispersed as many people as possible and are urging locals to stay out of the way.       The man who stole the plane in Tupelo and who is now flying in North Tupelo posted a “goodbye” message to Facebook 15 minutes ago saying he “Never actually wanted to hurt anyone.”   Governor Tate Reeves : State law enforcement and emergency managers are closely tracking this dangerous situation. All citizens should be on alert and aware of updates from the Tupelo Police Department.     The Beech C90A  aircraft (Regd. N342ER) stolen from Tupelo, MSI, is still in the air and flying erratically.   Update : The pilot , C Patterson is alive , and has been arrested (Benton County Sheriff’s) after landing (crash) on a corn field . Condition of the aircraft not known yet.   Some Relief ! Tupelo Beech C90A (Regd. N342ER) aircraft is on ground without signs of Fire or smoke. ???? Saints Over Everyone ??@BruceDeroy pic.twitter.com/tPqnCtYe4J — FL360aero (@fl360aero) September 3, 2022

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Co-Pilot of the Rampart Aviation CASA 212 aircraft might have exited the Plane mid air , while aircraft was doing an emergency Landing !

Pilot , who made the emergency landing of Rampart Aviation CASA 212 aircraft (N497CA) at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) had apparently told ATC that his co-pilot had “jumped out of the aircraft.”   The event took shape at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), after Pilots reported gear issues post take-off at Raeford West and diverted to RDU for an emergency landing on Friday afternoon. Aircraft received severe damages.   https://www.linkedin.com/posts/fl360aero_aviation-aviation-avgeek-activity-6959073364703346688-ygU-   A 911 call made by air traffic controllers suggests that the co-pilot, whose body was recovered later, might have exited the plane during a mid-flight emergency last week, as per the communications below.   “This is from Raleigh Airport. We have a pilot that was inbound to the field. His co-pilot jumped out of the aircraft.”   “So, they said he jumped out of the aircraft,” they say. “His copilot jumped out without the parachute so he might have impact to the ground.”    “I guess at this point in time, all we can really do is kind of do a recovery,”   “Yeah, I know. Yeah, I mean, I don’t know,” a different FAA worker who takes over the call responds. “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever dealt with.”   “I mean, I’m sure this pilot is going to be shaken up. I have no idea. He literally just said, ‘my pilot just jumped out’.”   Though it’s yet to be solved , under which circumstances he took the step , Co-pilot’s body was found in a backyard about 30 miles south of Raleigh-Durham International Airport.   NTSB says , “The NTSB has opened an investigation into the July 29, accident involving a CASA 212-200 airplane that occurred near Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.” The NTSB has opened an investigation into the July 29, accident involving a CASA 212-200 airplane that occurred near Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. — NTSB Newsroom (@NTSB_Newsroom) August 2, 2022

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Space Plane or Weapon? The X-37B Just Spent More Than 800 Days in Space

Last month, the Boeing-designed X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle surpassed 800 days in space, eclipsing its previous endurance record. This feat was marked by the U.S. Space Force’s Space Delta 9, which operates the 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron’s X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle. Designed as part of a pilot test program aimed at showcasing technologies for reusable unmanned space tests, […]

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