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Day: <span>August 14, 2022</span>

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Jet lands dangerously close to plane spotters, scaring onlookers

A Wizz Air plane was captured landing eye-poppingly close to a crowd of spectators standing along a beach near Greece’s quirky Skiathos Airport on August 5, viral video shows.

Footage filmed by pilot Demetrios Gregoriou shows the spectacular moment when the large aircraft, flying in from Naples, spooked tourists watching the low landing steps from the runway.

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Airliner Backs Into Another at Airport – Vigour Times


An airplane bumped into another plane while backing up at Logan International Airport in Boston, prompting an investigation. No one was injured when the Delta Air Lines plane hit another at low speed on Friday night, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which said it is investigating. The Delta plane struck […]

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