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Day: <span>August 1, 2022</span>

Float plane overturns on Devil Track Lake near Grand Marais | WTIP

A float plane overturned on Devil Track Lake last week, leaving two people stranded on the popular lake near Grand Marais. Thunder Bay resident Henry Fairley was the pilot of the float plane when the incident occurred near Skyport Lodge on Devil Track Lake, according to the Cook County Sherriff’s Department. A female passenger was…

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An aircraft crash occurred in Saline County on July 31. According to an incident report from the Saline County Sheriff’s Department, emergency personnel responded to the area of Highway 20 and Green Avenue in regard to an

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Airbus 320 crash-lands in Colombia

Bogota, July 26 (UNI) An Airbus 320 aircraft of the Colombian airline, Avianca, flying from Medellin to Bogota did an emergency landing at the airport in the capital here after one of the engines failed, local media reported on Tuesday.

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