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Day: <span>June 26, 2022</span>

NTSB Investigating Central Texas Plane Crash That Killed 2

KERRVILLE, Texas (AP) — The National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday it is investigating a Central Texas plane crash that killed two people. Authorities say the small plane crashed near the airport in Kerrville at around 7 p.m. on Saturday. Kerrville is located about 65 miles (105 km)

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What’s Holding Back Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner?

Boeing largely halted deliveries of new Dreamliners for nearly two years amid production defects and regulatory issues—and now has retooled its manufacturing and supply chain with an eye to resuming deliveries this summer.

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Meet the P-51D: We Say This Is the Best Fighter Plane Ever

Yes, in today’s stealth world of F-22s and F-35 fighters, old planes like the P-51D might seem like realics. However, a former Air Force officer and aviation expert explains that the P-51D might just be the best fighter jet to ever fly. Here is why: So then, which warbird deserves the title of Best Fighter Plane […]

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MiG-27: Its Cannon Was So Dangerous It Damaged the Plane

Let’s face it: Russia built some weapons of war that were not based on the most rational of thinking. We might just say that the MiG-27 might be in this class of aircraft. While having some clear positive traits, the MiG-27 might have been more of a problem than an asset in the skies: Formerly […]

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US sends destroyer to South China Sea after provocative spy plane flyover in Taiwan Straits

The US Navy reportedly sent a warship to the South China Sea on Saturday, only one day after a US spy plane provocatively flew over the Taiwan Straits under the close monitoring of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Chinese experts said on Sunday that the US vessel might also stir up troubles in the South China Sea or the Taiwan Straits, yet the PLA would be ready to deal with any aggressions it could make.

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